The Little Coupe that Could...

This coupe isn't just your regular '85 Sport Coupe, it's The Coupe.

The Coupe makes the cover of the national Fiero magazine!

This coupe loves to revv!

Driving Excitment!

This coupe sports an SE dash and two-tone SE seats!
Other options include rear defogger, power truck release and a sunroof.
The Coupe sports a short-throw shifter!

Coupe Terminology:

Coupe'n Driving the Coupe.
Coupe Clutch A condition which refers to the coupe's bad clutch
It exhibits symptoms of being too low to the floor
and disengaging difficultly. Caused by a bent pedal
or bad pressure plate.
Coupe Coat A condition which refers to faded/cracked/sunburned/chipped
paint clearcoat. Typical of mid-'80s GM vehicles.

We Love the Coupe!